Saturday, March 9, 2013

SHORT STORY: Dragon Lance

The air was humid, the sun was setting, and my urges were setting in.  My animal instinct was taking over; I was on the prowl.  It seemed like ages since my last encounter, my last touch, and my desire was peaked.  I knew my best chances of meeting a willing partner were greater if I headed to the local watering hole.

I had no expectations of meeting anyone special, just meeting a willing partner.  What I did not expect was to see the finest sauropod I have ever laid my eyes on.  I true deceptive beauty, sipping up water, paying no mind to me as I casually strolled by.  At first I admired her grace, caressing the water surface with her lips as to not leave any ripples, but my attention was soon diverted to her perfect form.  From her petite lips the water traveled down her long slender neck.  A neck long enough to ensure no high leaf went untried; a truly magnificent specimen for her species.

And her skin, looked as smooth as a fine leather wallet.  Her complexion was radiant, as fair as the scales of justice, but as supple as the feathery fluff of a gosling.  My eyes traversed her body as I made my way down to her tail, which was as lengthy as the whip needed to put me in my place; I was indeed smitten.

I knew she would not only do for the night, but she was likely to be the one every male dreams to settle down with.  I grunted viscerally to grab her attention, a pickup line that had high success rates.  She lifter her head slowly form the water, allowing droplets to form around her mouth, which leisurely trickled down to her collar where is met her broad powerful shoulders.

She shot me a glance, a glance that I was more than familiar with; she was interested.  She did not waste anytime; perhaps she had intentions as well while visiting the waterhole, as she lunged at me.  With no intentions to find a secluded place for privacy we expressed ourselves in the open for all to see.  Completely negligent to if an audience was present or not, we let ourselves go as our skin pressed tightly together and our necks entwined.  We both roared in the moment, and with thunderous crashes echoing through the air, I would not be surprised if others claimed to feel the earth shake.

When all was said and done I took a few steps back and faded off into the foliage.  I knew that she was something special, but I could not help my instinct of solitude.  I did not look back, nor do I think she did, it was just a moment of passion that took hold of us.  I still can not help but think of her, but the more I think of the encounter the more of worry.  She seemed too eager, perhaps I was being used to unknowingly fertilize eggs; but I am not ready to be a father.  She also seemed too willing, perhaps she had done this many, many times before; I should see the shaman and get inspected for dino-sores.

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