Sunday, March 24, 2013


Procedure rap stasis ad absorbs,
Garbs drab embalm lap,
An aloof pirates no yar,
Cedar gnome loud flog,

Dwelt fight rig night rig slight rig gnarl right rig
Snap snip snit smug snug snub stun stew step stab star

Laminar at a sash,
Prom flower are elfin arise its space,
Not symbolic rash,
A one vast angle nap,
To tsunami,

A mammal gets a hit,
I pawn a flag at agreed dam,

Spit stop,
No I knot I knit I know I knob,
Ion pots tips

Dorm raw speed animals,
Net foot reel dirt up net,

Torn is sass assassin,
Rotten putrid leer to,
Often slam in a deep swarm rod,

Spit stop,
No I bonk I wonk I tink I tonk,
Ion pots tips

Mad deer gat a gal fan,
Wapiti haste glam mama,

I man us tot,
Panel gnat save Noah's arc,
I lob my stone caps sties,

I ran I flee,
Rare wolf morphs as a tar animal,

Rats bats pets wets nuts buns guns gums tins pins pans,
Girth girl rang girth gils girth gin girth gift lewd,

Golf duo lemon grade crayon,
Set a rip fool, a napalm lab me,
Bards brags bros bad,
A sis at spare rude corp

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